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Your Consultant is Becky and Dave Sattler

My Story

I LOVE SCENTSY!  I love everything about the company, not just the amazing Scentsy products!  I joined 10 years ago when we were in a really tight financial situation.  My husband had just gotten his MBA and we were buried under graduate school loans.  He was starting his own business, but being self-employed takes time to create much income and money was tight for us.  I wanted to help with finances so I interviewed and got a great job, but I just couldn't do it.  I had just had our 3rd child and I just couldn't leave my kids and go to work; it broke my heart.   My mom suggested that I sell Scentsy, and that she thought I would be good at it, and could do it while the kids napped or at night.  I graduated from college in Business, and had always wanted to run my own business.  Scentsy and Direct Sales was NOT what I had in mind, but it has been much more than I ever imagined!  I love growing my own business, but with Scentsy, I get to grow a whole team and help them build their businesses and have success with Scentsy too!  It is even more fulfilling than I expected and I am SO glad I decided to give it a go! I joined Scentsy to bring in a side income and thought I'd try it out for the first month.  It was my goal to make back my $99 starter kit investment in the first month, so I wouldn't be tied down to trying to make it back if it just wasn't going to work for me.  I made back that investment and more, that first month.  My Scentsy business allows me to make a really good income, but stay home with my kids and be my own boss.  I LOVE being a Scentsy Consultant and love that I can still devote myself fully to being a great mom, and have a fun hobby for me to do on the side (and make great money from home!).  I am a Star Director and really enjoy supporting my team; I'd love to help YOU be successful with Scentsy too!  Come join me! <!--endbody-->